D&D at the QCC 2018

Hey Folks. Time to reveal some of the D&D offerings we have this year at the QCC.

First off we have The Red War epic lined up to happen on Saturday Afternoon. That’s right. Another epic and a dozy. Here’s the description:

DDEP 00-01 The Red War – D&D AL Epic: The Cults of Elemental Evil brought incredible destruction down on the city of Mulmaster. In its hour of need, Mulmaster received aid from an unlikely source – the Mageocracy of Thay, ruled by the lich Szazz Tam. With Mulmaster moving ever closer to Thay’s orbit and strife brewing within the Factions for action, the hour is ripe for conflict. A four-hour Epic adventure for characters level 1-20.

You can secure your spot for the epic through the kickstarter via the Epic Level. The Red War

On top of that we will have season 8 premier content. We’re not sure what that content will be because we’re not sure what season 8 is, but we know we’ll be running tables of it at the QCC 2018.

Last, and by no means least, we have AL Admin Lysa Chen joining us this year if you didn’t hear. She’ll be running some games and will be on a panel. Probably something having to do with building your community around D&D

If you love D&D and want to play AL content all weekend, or just for a few slots, the Queen City Conquest is the place to do it. The passes won’t be cheaper than they are right now so get them through the kickstarter.


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