Eloy Lasanta is the head of 3rd Eye Games which publishes Part-Time Gods, Ninja Crusade, The Pip System, Apocalypse Prevention Inc, Sins of the Father, the AMP superhero series of games, and Storm Battalion. His games range from Kid friendly to story games to much more traditional games.

Lysa Chen is perhaps best known for her work in Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, for which she is a freelance writer, event organizer, dungeon mistress, and occasional sorceress named Mercy. Distinguished as a Dungeon Masters Guild Adept, her credits include writing for Adventurers League Season 7, Wizards of the Coast, and the Role Initiative. She is known for her strong sense of voice and quirky humor. She also serves as the Associate Community Manager of the D&D Adventurers League organized play system.

ConTessa is back again. They’re a gaming organization dedicated to making tabletop gaming spaces more diverse by bringing minority-led events to conventions both virtual and in-person. They run innovative and unique tracks featuring games, panels, workshops, and seminars led entirely by the historically underprivileged, open to attendance by anyone. Their event runners are volunteers who pick their own games and content, making every ConTessa event as unique as the ConTessans who run them!

Jennifer Adcock is a local writer, game designer, and blogger. She creates story- and roleplay-driven games that are accessible to all ages, with a focus on introducing new players to the wonderful world of Dungeons & Dragons. She also likes to explore a wide array of indie RPGs and bring those to both new and longtime gamers alike. Jennifer’s RPG campaigns are recounted through her blog posts, telling the stories of her friends’ adventures at FirstSightSecondThoughts.net. Her D&D adventures are available for purchase at the DMs Guild.

John Arcadian is a writer, art director, and freelancer in the tabletop role-playing game industry. John has been writing gaming books and material for 15 years, and is the headgnome at Gnome Stew — a multiple award winning industry blog. John’s work in tabletop gaming focuses on the social situations connected to the games we play, and how those experiences can give insight into our personal growth. John has written and produced many books of gaming advice and content (The Book of the Tarrasque, Focal Point, Fated Minions of the Source, Masks, Unframed, et. al) and has art directed many more (Odyssey, Never Unprepared, Life and Moon, Rockerboys & Vending Machines, .et al). Alongside writing, he sometimes give presentations at academic conferences, most recently giving a TEDx talk on tabletop gaming at TEDxOSU.
John will be running his battle verse the Tarrasque and a Fiasco playset called Bystanders, which came from his Ted talk.

Tracy Barnett is a queer tabletop game designer and social justice bard with projects including School Daze, Iron Edda, and Karthun: Lands of Conflict. This will be the first time they’ve had a chance to attend QCC, and they’re excited to have the opportunity! At the QCC they’ll be running Iron Edda and Fate of Karthun.

Brett Bloczynski lives in Wisconsin with his wife and what remains of his horde of children (5 total).  He started gaming in 3rd grade with AD&D 1st edition and has been gaming ever since. He has been a guest of honor for the DC Everest Game Club and became a partner with the EverCon gaming convention in 2016. His collection of RPGs, whether in print or pdf, amount to about 60 core systems, which we’re sure he’ll be playing or GM’ing any day now. When not gaming or co-hosting the Gaming and BS podcast, he can be found wandering the wilderness looking for lost temples or spending time with his family.

Brett will be running some D&D 5e set in the city of Avalon as heard on the Streets of Avalon Actual Play from the Wednesday Evening Podcast All-Stars and Trail of Cthulhu. You can find out more about Brett and listen to him at the following places:

Kate Bullock is a weirdo Canadian gamer from Toronto. She’s one of the co-hosts of the Gauntlet Podcast and one of the organizers of Breakout Gaming Convention. You can read her blog, Bluestocking's Organic Gaming, or find her work in The Veil: CascadeCodex, the Atlas Animalia, or the Dust, Fog, and the Glowing Embers.

She’ll be running two sessions of The Crossroads Carnival. “In 1930’s Dustbowl America, a carnival is ground zero for the final war between good and evil. Play as supernatural sideshows who are trying to stop the encroaching darkness while clinging to what little humanity they have left. Crossroads Carnival is a powered by the apocalypse game of desperate souls beneath the midway lights striving to save a world that hates and fears them.”

Jason Cordova is the principal organizer of the Gauntlet gaming community. He is a co-host of The Gauntlet Podcast, Discern Realities, and Fear of a Black Dragon, and a frequent GM on the Pocket-Sized Play and We Hunt the Keepers! actual play podcasts. He is the also the Editor in Chief of Codex.

He will be running World of Dungeons and Cthulhu Dark during Queen City Conquest.

Garrett Crowe is a freelance writer and podcaster. He ran the actual play, radio drama-style podcast of Threat Detected for d20radio.com and Misdirected Mark Productions, and the GM hangout show Threats From Gallifrey for Misdirected Mark Productions. Currently, he’s producing and gamemastering a monthly One Ring actual play vidcast called Threats From Mirkwood. His writing credits include D&D, Paranoia and Savage Worlds. He also wrote, directed and edited the independent feature film Death of a Barefoot Tour Guide. Crowe’s gaming and writing style has been described as quirky and original. At QCC 2018, Crowe will run a long con of Modiphius’s Star Trek Adventures as well as his original D&D CCC module. You can follow his work at www,patreon.com/garrettcrowe.

Rob Deobald is a community and convention organizer, podcaster, designer and tabletop game aficionado! He is an organizer for the Toronto Area Gamers community, and the Fan Expo Canada and Breakout Con conventions. He contributes to the blog Thac0s at Midnight, where you can find his game design and system hacks. Rob loves games ranging from epics abundant with intense world building and cosmic weirdness to quiet, introspective games that are personal and try to punch you in the guts.  

Bob Everson is a multiclass editor/proofreader/game designer who cut his RPG teeth on D&D back in the 70's. He can be found most often behind the scenes at Gnome Stew editing gaming articles by a number of amazing authors, co-hosting the Misdirected Mark Podcast, or working on games as a partner at Encoded Designs. He's also worked extensively with Engine Publishing and Third Eye Games. You can learn more at gnomestew.commisdirectedmark.com, and encodeddesigns.com, or follow him on Twitter @robertmeverson. 

He will be running Relic Hunters, Circle of Six, Equinox & Solstice, and Bot Battle Bedlam.

Jo Fallak is a GM, player & co-host of The INVICTUS Stream (www.theinvictusstream.com), a weekly RPG live stream that emphasizes creative story telling, community involvement and participation. INVICTUS mixes ongoing, long-form campaigns with rules-light one-shots and employs a wide variety of game systems. She is also the community liason for Toronto Area Gamers' Adventurers League, where she organizes league gaming for Toronto's conventions (Fan Expo, Breakout Con) and public events. Jo is an avid reader, an enthusiastic cyclist, and devoted mom to her dog Louie.

Tom Flanagan is Producer, Game Master and Player on the long running (8 years with 360 plus episodes) Knights of the Night Actual Play Podcast. He is also a memmber of the Wednesday Evening Podcast All-Stars. Tom occasionnally answers to the name of “Grandmother."

Tom will be running a Tales from the Loop game, and possibly a Cleveland based Dresden Files Accelerated session. Events from which will likely lead to some of the players characters showing up later in his KotN Dresden storyline as NPC.

Andi Fox is co-host of She’s a Super Geek (the actual play highlighting women as GMs), Isla on the Redemption Podcast, and currently DMing the Wednesday Evening Podcast All-Stars in Avanti: Glitter & Blood. Find her on twitter @TheCraftyDM. And don’t ask her about her conspiracy of porgs.
Andi will be running games of Dungeons and Dragons 5e set in her home-brewed world Avanti. Bring high magic imaginations and get ready for some masquerade drama. Pre-gens provided

Harlan Guthrie is a avid gaming enthusiast living in Toronto, Ontario. He hosts a YouTube channel called “The INVICTUS Stream” dedicated to story-first Role Playing Adventures and interacting with the community. Harlan loves telling stories running anything from The Strange to Call of Cthulhu, from GRIMM to End of the World, with sprinkling in a mountain of random one-shots like “Scooby Doo & The Call of Cthulhu” or “Nigerian Prince E-mail Scam the RPG” for good measure!

Christopher Helton is the sales manager for Petersen Games, a game designer and co-publisher of the ENnies Award winning tabletop role-playing company Battlefield Press. For over thirteen years he has written about gaming, comics, music and more at the Dorkland! blog. He has written for the Bleeding Cool, EN World and Outland Entertainment websites, combining cultural criticism with the historical background of gaming and comics. He has podcasted and recorded actual play videos for his YouTube channel. He is a near life long fan of the pulps, horror and dark fantasy fiction, and wishes that he had much more time for reading. He resides in St. Petersburg, Fl and has speaking in the third person is a hobby.
Check his work out at  Petersen Games (https://petersengames.com/) and/or his blog (https://dorkland.blogspot.com/).

Brian Keller is the Vice President of Business for Windmill Game Co. He got his start in the gaming industry because of Running Gagg, a small college convention at SUNY Geneseo. He eventually ended up at Origins and met his current game company companions at Windmill. He became part of their Demo team and then was made VP of Business with a concentration on the sales and marketing side of the industry. He also is a writer and editor for the company, having just put work into their release ADGNEPSEF555 (if you like candy ask about this).

"Daniel Kwan is an educator, creative producer, podcaster, and game designer. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Daniel developed a love for tabletop games at an early age starting with Dungeons & Dragons (3rd edition). In 2011, Daniel revitalized the popular Dungeons & Dragons program at the Royal Ontario Museum. Still under his direction, the program teaches teens history, science, and social skills using a variety of tabletop RPGs! In 2016, Daniel co-founded Level Up Gaming, a Toronto-based organization that provides individuals on the autism spectrum and with other disabilities the opportunity to develop and explore their real-world social skills through goal-directed group gaming experiences. His game design credits include the micro-RPG Zany Zoo and Ross Rifles through Dundas West Games. Ross Rifles is a Powered by the Apocalypse RPG that focuses on the experiences of Canadian soldiers stationed on the Western Front during the First World War. It's set to appear on Kickstarter by late 2018!
You can learn more about Daniel at danielhkwan.com, Level Up Gaming at levelupgaming.ca, and Dundas West Games at dundaswestgames.com!"

Senda Linaugh is one half of the actual play podcast She’s a Super Geek , and cohost of Panda's Talking Games starring Senda and Phil. She's also one of the writers over at Gnomestew and loves a game where she can use her improv GMing skills and rules are light and help her do that. While she loves a good long form campaign, life has conspired to make her extremely well versed in running one shots of four hours or less. She’s a convention addict and a fan girl at heart. If she’s not at a convention, playing an RPG, breaking out the board games, or adulting, Senda can usually be found with her nose planted firmly in a book or obsessively following twitter.

Ryan Macklin is a tech writer by day, game creator and convention GM by night. Which is like being an introverted werewolf. He's worked on Fate, Cortex Plus, Mage: the Ascension, Primetime Adventures, Unknown Armies, and many other games (including his own Mythender and Katanas & Trenchcoats). But Ryan always comes back to his first joy of sitting down with a few humans to tell and play out fun, dramatic stories. Unrelated, his cat is a lovable jerk.

Angela Murray is an author at Gnome Stew, an award winning gaming blog focused on roleplaying games and GMing advice. She has been playing roleplaying games for thirty years now, but it’s only been within the last decade or so that she got her feet wet as a GM. Though it took an insistent friend to push her into running her first game, she quickly realized that she enjoyed the challenge and the rewards that come from being a GM. Since then, she’s continued to run many different games, both campaigns and one-shots, experimenting with different systems and techniques while trying to find just the right balance between system and story. Most of her articles at Gnome Stew revolve around ways to draw your players and their characters into the game and keep them invested, or how to handle some of the logistical problems that happen any time you try and keep a group of people working together for any length of time.

Wendelyn Reischl is a freelance writer, developer, designer, editor, and a lifelong gamer. Since joining the tabletop gaming industry in 2016, Wendelyn has worked with Post World Games, Gallant Knight Games, Yellow Piece Games, Analog Letters, and Ulisses North America. He is the public face of the Denver RPG Meetup, one of the world’s largest role-playing meetup groups. Wendelyn is a member of the IGDN and serves on the Board of Gamers Giving Inc. In 2018 he became an official Gnome at the ENnie award-winning Gnome Stew gaming blog. Wendelyn lives in Denver, CO with his husband Brian, their cat Zuul, and frequently a house full of gamers. His goal is to unite, expand, and uplift the gaming community.  

Facebook: www.facebook.com/WendelynReischl  

Twitter: @WendelynReischl

Rach Shelkey is a game designer, writer and podcaster from Toronto. Her love of tabletop gaming comes from a lifelong fascination and study of experimental media and culture. You can hear her thoughts on gaming as a co-host of +1 Forward: A Podcast Powered by the Apocalypse and The Gauntlet Podcast. Rach is one of the organizers of Breakout Gaming Convention and her design work has been featured in The Sprawl: November Metric, Golden Sky Stories: Twilight Tales and Codex

Rach will be running Ryuutama and something Powered by the Apocalypse and she’s looking for suggestions for what folks would like.

Eric Simon is the writer and publisher behind the Steamscapes setting for Savage Worlds and Rockalypse for Fate. He works full-time in the gaming industry for Ulisses North America, where he wears the most hats of all. He has written for Pinnacle’s Savage Tales of Horror and for Time Cellist and The Sword, The Crown, and the Unspeakable Power by Wheel Tree Press. He also edited Axon Punk by The Wrong Brothers, as well as its companion fiction collection.
Eric will be running 1 session of Steamscapes and 2 sessions of Soldiers & Serpents. You can find more of his work here.

Phil Vecchione is a Game Designer, Project Manager, Writer, Podcaster, and Blogger — As a man of many hats, Phil has been working in the roleplaying game industry since 2009 working with Engine Publishing, Evil Beagle Games, Third Eye Games, and Pelgrane Press. His work has won or been nominated for a number of awards, including the ENnies, Golden Geeks, and Origins Awards. Phil is also a trained Project Manager and applies his mad Gantt Charting skills to all of Encoded’s work. You can hear him on The Misdirected Mark Podcast and Panda's Talking Games over on Misdirected Mark Productions or read his design journals on Gnomestew.

Avonelle Wing has been running gaming cons her entire adult life. She grew up in the Double Exposure community and found her voice as a creator and an activist in the context of creating thoughtful space for gamers and fans. She is a larpwright, a community organizer and an intersectional feminist. Her body of work in the last decade has focused on amplifying the voices of disadvantaged and under-represented game creators and consumers.  
She will be joining us at Queen City Conquest as part of Envoy, Double Exposure's newest project. Envoy brings gamers, publishers and retailers together to help spread gaming to new players. 

Camdon Wright is a game writer and designer that loves to play pretend, tell stories, and share a gaming table with new people. He is the owner of the Colorado based gaming company Unicorn Motorcycle Games. His games include the Cthulhu meets the Bachelor themed game, Madness and Desire. Currently he is working on One Child’s Heart a game about child welfare professionals that work to bring hope back into a child’s life. You can find his work at camdon.com.