Stacy Dellorfano is the founder and Lead Organizer of ConTessa, an organization dedicated to normalizing the presence of traditionally under-represented people in gaming leadership positions by running events at conventions all over the United States, and hopefully soon, the world! After a successful career in the tech industry working in video games and e-commerce, Stacy left the rat race to pursue gaming full-time. Her most recent work was the production of the Swords & Wizardry 3rd printing Kickstarter, which featured a redesigned book with artwork and design created entirely by women. She also contributed an adventure to the Kickstarter entitled ‘Zaya’s Promise’, and is currently working on two books for Lamentations of the Flame Princess. Stacy lives in sunny Southern California with her husband and their evil cat, Bastet.

Robert Adducci is an RPG community organizer and helps out games stores and conventions in the Denver area with social media and community management. He is a die-hard Dark Sun fan and the founder of the Burnt World of Athas website ( Robert was born in the deserts of Athas, aka Phoenix, AZ, but now lives in the cool climate of Colorado with his wife, two little adventurer, and two animal companions.

Rach Shelkey is a game designer, writer, community organizer and podcaster living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Her love of tabletop gaming comes from her lifelong fascination with experimental media and culture; strange and quirky indie games are her jam, although she also has a big soft spot for West End Games Star Wars. Her work was recently featured in The Sprawl supplement November Metric. She co-hosts the podcasts It’s Like DnD and +1 Forward and is a recurring guest on The Gauntlet. She’s an organizer for RPG events such as Breakout Con, FanExpo Canada, the Toronto Area Gamers and the Sparkle Dice Alliance.

Eric Simon runs Four-in-Hand Games. Creator of Rockalypse, the Fate Core RPG of Musical Conflict, and Steamscapes, a historical steampunk setting for Savage Worlds. He is also the social media Coordinator for Ulisses Spiele, plus  he has written for Pinnacle’s Savage Tales of Horror and for Time Cellist by Wheel Tree Press.

Kate Bullock is the writer of Bluestocking's Organic Gaming blog, a member of the Gauntlet Podcast and one of the Co-Hosts of It's like D&D, is an event organizer of the Toronto Area Gamers, and is one of the event organizers of the Toronto Area Gamers.

Rob Deobald is a community and convention organizer, podcaster, designer and tabletop game aficionado! He is an organizer for the Toronto Area Gamers community, and the Fan Expo Canada and Breakout Con conventions. He is a co-host of the podcast It’s Like DnD and contributes to the blog Thac0s at Midnight, where you can find his game design and system hacks. Rob loves games ranging from epics abundant with intense world building and cosmic weirdness to quiet, introspective games that are personal and try to punch you in the guts.  

Senda Lignaugh is one half of the actual play podcast She’s a Super Geek , and cohost of Panda's Talking Games starring Senda and Phil. She's also one of the writers over at Gnomestew and loves a game where she can use her improv GMing skills and rules are light and help her do that. While she loves a good long form campaign, life has conspired to make her extremely well versed in running one shots of four hours or less. She’s a convention addict and a fan girl at heart. If she’s not at a convention, playing an RPG, breaking out the board games, or adulting, Senda can usually be found with her nose planted firmly in a book or obsessively following twitter.

Robert M. Everson, aka “Old Man Logan,” has been gaming for the better part of 30 years. He's proofread and edited thousands of pages in the RPG industry including being the proofreader for Gnome Stew, is one of the co-hosts of The Misdirected Mark Podcast, is one of the partners at Encoded Designs, and is designing board and card games with that company.

Angela Murray is an author at Gnome Stew, an award winning gaming blog focused on roleplaying games and GMing advice. She has been playing roleplaying games for thirty years now, but it’s only been within the last decade or so that she got her feet wet as a GM. Though it took an insistent friend to push her into running her first game, she quickly realized that she enjoyed the challenge and the rewards that come from being a GM. Since then, she’s continued to run many different games, both campaigns and one-shots, experimenting with different systems and techniques while trying to find just the right balance between system and story. Most of her articles at Gnome Stew revolve around ways to draw your players and their characters into the game and keep them invested, or how to handle some of the logistical problems that happen any time you try and keep a group of people working together for any length of time.

John is the chief gnome over at Gnomestew and got his start with gaming back in the heyday of 2nd Edition D&D. It didn’t take him long to branch out and discover the incredible in other games and settings. Soon after discovering the wider world of role-playing, he couldn’t wait to get into the GM’s seat. John’s gaming tastes have always been broad and varied, but he has a soft spot for gaming styles that give players more options in the narrative. As well as blogging and freelancing in the industry, John does freelance web design for a lot of people in the gaming industry and worked with Encoded Designs to create incredible gaming products.

Jennifer Adcock is a local writer, game designer, and blogger. She creates story- and roleplay-driven games that are accessible to all ages, with a focus on introducing new players to the wonderful world of Dungeons & Dragons. She also likes to explore a wide array of indie RPGs and bring those to both new and longtime gamers alike. Jennifer’s RPG campaigns are recounted through her blog posts, telling the stories of her friends’ adventures at Her D&D adventures are available for purchase at the DMs Guild.

Shawn Merwin professional design and editing work in the roleplaying game industry has spanned 15 years and over 2 million words of content. His Dungeons & Dragons work has ranged from 3rd to 5th edition, showing up in sourcebooks, adventures, articles, and Organized Play administration. He has been a driving force in several Organized Play programs, and has written material for Goodman Games, Mongoose Publishing, and Kenzer & Co., amongst others. He's also one of the hosts of Down with D&D on Misdirected Mark Productions and a partner at Encoded Designs.

Phil Vecchione is a Game Designer, Project Manager, Writer, Podcaster, and Blogger — As a man of many hats, Phil has been working in the roleplaying game industry since 2009 working with Engine Publishing, Evil Beagle Games, Third Eye Games, and Pelgrane Press. His work has won or been nominated for a number of awards, including the ENnies, Golden Geeks, and Origins Awards. Phil is also a trained Project Manager and applies his mad Gantt Charting skills to all of Encoded’s work. You can hear him on The Misdirected Mark Podcast and Panda's Talking Games over on Misdirected Mark Productions or read his design journals on Gnomestew.