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9 Days – 100 backers and Savage Kings Revealed

So we’re sitting at 100 backers and just under $7,600. Thank you so much for getting us to 100 backers. Now we just need to get to $9,000 so we can actually have a convention. Moving on. If you’re planning on coming to the convention now is the best time to get in since badge prices go up after the kickstarter, you lose your chance at early registration, and the deals on all the swag you can get with the kickstarter. Now lets talk about Savage Worlds.

Savage Kinds of the World

Vickey Beaver of Obatron Productions has this series of games on deck for those folks who want a Savage Worlds mini-campaign.

  • Session 1: A group of Seasoned adventurer’s are hired by a woman who is heir to a property bordering the wilds. She wants them to clear the land of spirits who are there and keeping her from her claim.
  • Session 2: The group of adventurer’s are now Veterans as we move forward a couple of years. The heiress once again comes to the adventurer’s to help secure a trade route she’s trying to open up between her lands and a nearby town. The roads between them are know haunts of troublesome spirits.
  • Session 3: Our adventurer’s have grown in renown and strength as several more years have past. The heiress has grown her land into a thriving town but her people are under attack and someone looks to usurp the heir’s power. She once again looks to the adventurers to help bring the forces she believes are the cause of these attacks to justice. The only problem is she thinks they’re from both this world and the next.

Guest Games

We’re talking to our guests and working on setting up some guest games you can get in on through our kickstarter. Look for those with 7 days left. We’re also looking at getting some more long con events in.

Get Those Games on the Schedule

You can register your games for the Queen City Conquest that you’d like to run via Tabletop Events.  We’ve had a bunch so far but we’re always looking for more. We want to know what you’re gonna run in September.

10 Days – Dresden Files, Video Games, Boardgames, & Collectors Inn

Hey folks. 10 Days to go and we’re at 98 backers and 7,500 bucks. We’ve almost reached that 100 backer mark and I’d love to see it hit before tomorrow is over. Who will be our 100th backer? It’s a mystery. Also, let’s talk about late night gaming. That’s our first stretch goal, and if we don’t get to $10,000 dollars we’re not going to be able to do it.

New Events

The Dresden Files at the QCC.
Tom Lutz, your favorite gaming minister and mine, is coming to the QCC with the Dresden Files. Here’s the games description. You are one of the many wonderful denizens of Dresden files books you know, a wizard, white court vampire, werewolf or any of the other creatures that prowl the streets.  You have all ended up here at the QCC because there is a dire magical threat threatening our convention goers that will have horrible consequence for the world at large.  It is up to you to save us, the city of Buffalo, and perhaps even our plane of existence.

Open Video Gaming
Karol is coming back with his partner Tim in video gaming and they’re bring a variety of video games for you to play and enjoy both new and old. In the past they’ve brought an Atari 2600, the NES, a Famicom, Apple ][ with Oregon Trail, TI99/A, the Sega Dreamcast, Playstation’s, Xbox 360’s, Wii’s, WiiU’s and more. If there’s something you’ve been itching to play there’s a chance they might be able to bring it to the show.

Board Game Event Update

We have Zombicide and Cthulhu Wars levels that you can still get involved in. They’re amazing games and the facilitators have most if not all of the expansions for those games. That’s hundreds of dollars of game and you get to experience it for your cost of entry to the convention. It’s a great way to get your game on and experience something you might not be able to anywhere else.

Collector’s Inn Strikes Again

Joe from Collectors Inn has hit us with another great offer.  Joe will be giving all the backers who attend the show a coupon for 5% for every $500 over our funding goal on one item, capping out at 30%. That means if we get to $12,000 bucks everyone with a badge will get a 30% off coupon for one item either at the convention or at Collectors Inn.

11 Days Left – Kickstarter, New Events & Savage Worlds

Hey folks. The Kickstarter is right around $7,500 today and moving along with 11 days left. With that I wanted to point out a level you might not be aware of. If you’re a game company, podcast, blog, etcetera, and are looking for a little bit of advertising then you should check out the Ambassador level. For $25 you can get your logo and links on our website, be part of our digital slide shows during the con, and become an Ambassador of Gaming for the Queen City Conquest. Chris is also likely to mention you on one of the numerous Misdirected Mark Shows he’s a part of.

New Events

Over on Table Top Events, where you can put your events in you’d like to run…like right now, we’ve had some new submissions.

Paint & Take
Heather Heim, who has been an excellent vendor and supporter of the Queen City Conquest in the past, is having a couple of Paint & Take events. It’s a good chance to get your miniature painting on.

Dread Pendragon
Tim Bryant is bringing out the DREAD TOWER and mashing it up with a little Arthurian lore. Here’s the game description:

The King suffers and the land suffers. You are Knight of Camelot, sent forth to retrieve the Holy Grail and restore Arthur and his kingdom. Evil abounds in all guises– sorcerers, dragons, and lurking horrors most perilous. Chivalry and honor guide your every deed, but the highest glory comes to those alone who dare risk all for King and country. This game features The Impossible Dream’s Dread RPG, which uses a JENGA tower for task resolution. No prior experience necessary. Characters provided.

Savage Worlds Broken Down

There’s that special Savage Kings of the World level that’s part of the Kickstarter. It was a one price for five people but now it’s been broken down into individual levels. So if you want to get in on the Savage Worlds action with Obatron Productions Vickey Beaver, then now is the time to back at that level.

That’s all for now but we’ll be back tomorrow with your 10 days left update.


12 Days Left & Some Games in the System

So we only have 12 days left for our Kickstarter and we’re sitting around $6,800 dollars. I need you to know we can’t have this convention without your support. If you’re thinking about backing the Kickstarter please do. The best deal is a 3 day pass for $75 which gets you all the add on goodies for $30 dollars instead of the $41 it would cost to purchase them individually. Ok, enough shilling, lets talk about games.

Events Already Submitted

Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game
Play Harry Dresden and his friends as they take on the cases from the bestselling Dresden Files novels in the ultimate what-if scenario—what if Harry was on the scene with allies who weren’t there in the original story?

Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition
Mansions of Madness is a cooperative board game of mystery and investigation inspired by the writings of H.P. Lovecraft. During each game, one to five players explore a location to unravel a mystery.

Savage Worlds Rippers Blood Curse
Garret Crowe is bringing a three part Savage Worlds Rippers adventure to the QCC. It starts with a small town murder in Victorian era Scotland which sets the stage for a globespanning campaign for the monster hunters.

The D&D Epic

I’ve learned that the Queen City Conquest will be one of the first places you can play the Season 7 EPIC and it won’t be in stores until after that convention. There’s also that Epic level which can get you a guaranteed spot in the Epic.

That’s all for now. We’ll get back to you tomorrow with another update as we start closing out the campaign. Back soon, share often, and thank you for your support. QCC Kickstarter 2017

Event Submission, Epic Levels, & More Table Levels

Hey folks. Just wanted to let you know what’s going on over at the QCC. The short of it is we have our Tabletop Events page up and running so you GMs/DMs can submit events. There are D&D Epic level so you can get a spot in the D&D Epic assured before event registration opens up, we have a couple more table levels for you folks who want your own tables, and the new add on package. Now for the details.

Tabletop Events

We’re using Tabletop Events. So to register for events you’ll need to do the following:

  1. Create a log in for the Table Top Events site which you can get to here or from the link on the menu above.
  2. Once you log in there’s no easy way to get back to the Table Top Events page so you’ll need to click the link from this site to go back to the Table Top Events page.
  3. Once you’re back on the site click the green Submit Events button since you should already be logged in.
  4. Now click the green New Submission button.
  5. Enter the relevant information in the fields, make sure the “I agree to the event submission rules” box is checked, and click the green Create button and you’re done.

You event will be submitted for approval by the games coordinator.

D&D Epic Level

If you missed it last time we have a D&D Epic level. That’s because we have the Season 7 D&D Epic coming to the Queen City Conquest. If you want to assure yourself a spot in the game buying in at this level is the way to do it.

All the Add On’s

Some folks have been asking about the $75 level for other levels. To make it simple we’ve created an Add-On for $30 which gets you your shirt, a QCC die, a pint glass, and early registration. That’s a $41 dollar value if you were to buy all of those things individually. So to get that add on just pledge $30 more than your level and when the Kickstarter is over tell us you want that add on during the kickstarter survey.

More Table Levels

We’ve opened up two more tables you can get at the $175 Knight of the Round Table Level. That’s this one:

You get your own table which we will mark up with your name/group’s name, and make sure it’s always ready for you. You also get a single Royal Court Membership & the Swag!

So with that my gaming friends I will bid you farewell for now but I promise to be back soon with more updates for what we have going on at the Queen City Conquest. A last reminder. If you’re going to be running events at the QCC please get them in early so we can promote them for you. We want your games and we want to help you fill them up.

Gaming Around Town

Hey folks. Just wanted to drop a quick update for what’s going on with the QCC and some of the gaming events going on around town these days.

QCC Update

We’re over 6,500 dollars which is great but we still need to get to that 9k marker so we can throw out the “OVER 9000” jokes.  We also just added a new level for those folks who want to get their seat guaranteed for the D&D epic. We’re not sure what the season 7 epic is yet but we wanted to give at least 25 of you folks who back at either at the Epic Knight Level and that crew who backed at the Lords of Waterdeep level, thanks by the way, your seat at the Epic tables because we appreciate you getting us the funding to make the show happen.

More Board Game Tournaments

It looks like we have some folks in the community who’ve been in contact with AEG and will be bringing a Love Letter tournament to the QCC. Those folks are still talking to other game companies to get support for Ascension and a few other games. As I learn more about these tournaments I’ll let you folks know about them.

Games Around Town

The members of the QCC staff like to keep track of what’s going on around town and we thought we’d share some of that information with you. Here’s a run down of what we could find out for gaming opportunities. If you know of some other events in the area please leave them in the comments below.

  • RonCon:  This is a once a month board game night. This month the date is Thursday May 18th and the event is held at 168 Payne Avenue, North Tonawanda, NY. It’s in the basement of a Church and it’s a really great space with some excellent people for playing board games.
  • D&D Organized Play nights: Wednesdays D&D Organized Play is happening at 6:30 at Collectors Inn, Heart of the Game, Knights Blade, and Two Kings.
  • Day of Fate: You can come out and play some Fate with Glenn Seiler at Dragon Snack games on May 21st.

That’s all for now but you’ll be hearing from us soon. Thanks for checking out the QCC and play some great games.

Board Games, Cthulhu, Zombies and More

Hey folks. First off, thank you for getting us this far. We’re over 2/3rds of the way there, which is great. We’re just going to keep making the Queen City Conquest better, filling it with more events, guests, and other gaming goodness as time goes on and we gain more funds. Now for some announcements.

Board Game Tournament Update

Hey folks. This is what we know so far about the Board Game Tournament being sponsored by Double Exposure.

If a tournament gets at least 8 players, each of the 4 “final table” participants get a copy of the game. The winner also get a trophy and a free membership to DEXCON 21 (July 2018), and automatic entry into the first elimination round of the 2018 Northeast Regional Championship held there.

If the tournament gets less than 8 players, only the winner gets a copy of the game. We won’t know what the Board Games are until July, but as soon as we do we’ll let you know. Here’s some of the possibilities:

  • Skull Kings
  • Diamonds
  • Nevermore
  • Dimension
  • Neuroshima Hex

Like I said, these are just some of the possibilities. As soon as we know we’ll let you know.


Paul Burleson has agreed to bring Zombicide: Black Plague to the QCC and run 12 hours of a campaign of it. I’m sure he’ll also have some other events on the schedule as well, but if you want the Zombicide campaign experience this is your chance as we have a level for it in the Kickstarter.

Cthulhu Wars

Mike Beiter is bringing his Cthulhu Wars Set to the QCC and if you’re interested in some Lovecraftian wars you can get involved in the extended event with Mike. He’ll be facilitating 12 hours of play using the various boards and optional content from the numerous expansions. It’s as close to the total Cthulhu Wars experience you can get without buying the game.

Updated Guest List

Rach Shelkey, Rob Deobald, and Kate Bullock are the organizers of Breakout Con and the hosts of the podcast It’s like D&D. Kate is also a member of The Gauntlet podcast and writes the blog Bluestocking’s Organic Gaming blog. We’re looking forward to having them in Buffalo for the QCC.

Eric Simon will also be coming out for the Queen City Conquest. Eric is behind Four in Hand GamesSteamscapes and Rockalypse — and the social media coordinator for Ulisses North America which makes games like The Dark Eye and Torg: Eternity.

The D&D Epic

We’re going to have a season 7 epic at the Queen City Conquest. You know, for that season they’re about to announce during the Stream of Annihilation on June 2nd and 3rd. Stay tuned for updates on the details about this EPIC.

Savage Worlds Level

Vickey Beaver of Obatron Productions is the GM for the Savage Worlds level so you can play 12 hours of Savage worlds with Vickey who is an awesome GM. As a bonus, you can probably get a little insight on Obatron and how to get into publishing between sessions or during breaks.

That’s all for this update. We’ll be back with another one of these updates next week. Thank you for backing and please share the kickstarter on your social media of choice, we’d appreciate it.

New 72 Hour funding reward

Hey folks. We’re almost at the 72 hour marker and we have an offer from Joe from Collectors Inn on the table that if we fund every backer of the kickstarter will get a buy one get one 1/2 off in stock items from the store or during the convention and 30% off any special orders or pre-orders. Let’s add something onto that.

If we hit our funding goal by 6:30 PM on May 9th we’ll give every person who gets a 3 day badge a five dollar voucher to spend with our vendors during the con. That’s right. We want to give back to you for helping us get to a financially stable place for the convention and thank our vendors for being a part of the show. So please back early and share often.

Funding in 72 hours + 3 day badge = 5 dollar voucher 

The Scepter by Todd Gdula

Todd Gdula has been bladesmithing for 11 years, full time for 5. He is a member of the  American Bladesmith Society and the New England Bladesmith’s Guild. He has agreed to provide a one of a kind Scepter for auction for the Queen City Conquest. He also makes blades by forging and stock removal, and uses both modern and ancient techniques. He dabbles in general blacksmithing and works with non-ferrous metals, including copper, bronze, and silver. You can see more at Todd has agreed to commission a one of a kind Scepter for auction for the Queen City Conquest.

The 2017 QCC Kickstarter

It’s time for the QCC kickstarter 2017. We’re up and running for our sixth year and we need and would love your support. Here’s the basic levels for the kickstarter followed by a few things about this years show.

Our special guest, if we fund, is Stacy Dellorfano. Stacy  is the founder and Lead Organizer of ConTessa, an organization dedicated to normalizing the presence of traditionally under-represented people in gaming leadership positions by running events at conventions all over the United States, and hopefully soon, the world!

After a successful career in the tech industry working in video games and e-commerce, Stacy left the rat race to pursue gaming full-time. Her most recent work was the production of the Swords & Wizardry 3rd printing Kickstarter, which featured a redesigned book with artwork and design created entirely by women. She also contributed an adventure to the Kickstarter entitled ‘Zaya’s Promise’, and is currently working on two books for Lamentations of the Flame Princess.

Stacy lives in sunny Southern California with her husband and their evil cat, Bastet.

Collector’s Inn has been marvelous to us this year helping us lower our kickstarter goal number with their sponsorship and offering some excellent deals to our backers and folks who participate in the kickoff party later today at Collectors Inn.  If the Kickstarter hits $9,000 in 72 hours Collectors Inn will give a discount to everyone who funds the con that can be used at any time at the store or during the QCC. The deal is buy one get one 1/2 off on in Stock items plus special orders and pre-orders are 30% off. Contact Collectors inn via Facebook for further details.

Events & Games

We already have a number of amazing events already lined up this year for the con which include a D&D Epic, the Double Exposure Board Game Tournament — the games for the tournament won’t be announced until July, on Sunday we’ll be having our Klask tournament hosted by Buffalo Games, and Sunday is also Family Day. On Family Day we’ll have Joe from Collectors Inn teaching and then having a magic draft for kids, a series of family friendly board and role playing games will be run, and there will be mini painting for the kids, and that’s just to start. We’ll be actively searching for other events and games to have run at the convention.

New Registration System

We’re using Table Top Events for the conventions registration system this year. It’s used by GaryCon, EverCon, GenghisCon, and more. We think it’ll be a very nice upgrade in usability from our previous offerings and make your experience in creating and registering for events much more enjoyable. We’re almost ready to start letting you folks get your events up and ready to go, and believe me, we want them. As soon as we have our Table Top Events up and running we’ll be sure to let you know.

 That’s all for now but we’ll be back soon with more announcements and some fun things too so stay tuned here.
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