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We still have rooms available at the Hyatt for QCC!

Hotel Block at the Hyatt for Queen City Conquest

Press Release

The Queen City Conquest is Western New York’s premier gaming convention from Lake Effect Gaming and Events. In its seventh year, Queen City Conquest or QCC, is a three-day event focused on the hobby of board, card, and role-playing-games as well as video games and live-interaction events.

Queen City Conquest is taking place at the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center this September 7th, 8th, and 9th. Among our special guests will be Contessa convention founder and author Stacy Dellorfano, Founder of 3rd Eye Games and Author Eloy Lasanta, and Dungeons and Dragons Adventurers League Associate Community Manager, Lysa Chen.

Stacy Dellorfano is the founder of Contessa – a gaming convention within a convention that promotes and encourages diversity in gaming. Stacey also worked on the redesign of Swords & Wizardry for their 3rd printing and as well as adventures for Swords & Wizardry and Lamentations of the Flame Princess.

Eloy Lasanta is an ENnie Award winning game designer, has created many of his own worlds, such as Part-Time Gods, The Ninja Crusade and AMP: Year One. In addition, he has created several custom systems to power each game, like the newly released Pip System Corebook. He has a philosophy of using games to bring people and families together, leading to the combination of family-style and traditional games available from his company, Third Eye Games

Lysa Chen is the D&D Adventurers League Rep for the East Coast! Adventurers League Associate, Community Manager, freelance writer, and Dungeon Masters Guild Adept, Lisa also produces and hosts Behold Her – a monthly podcast spotlighting women in tabletop games. Her D&D portfolio, interviews, actual play appearances, and other creative pursuits can be found on

For the 3rd year in a row, Queen City Conquest will be hosting a Dungeons and Dragons Adventurer’s League Epic Event. Last year alone over 70 players participated in a cooperative and interactive game of the world’s most popular role-playing game. This year, Queen City Conquest will host a new season 8 event for players of all skill levels.

Queen City Conquest will also host the Double Exposure’s Board Game Play to Win game library. A player can not only learn old and new games, but several winners will take home copies of the game they play! Over 50 board games will be available to win as part of our board game library. Double Exposure will be announcing which games will be included late this summer.

Sunday, September will be Queen City Conquest Family Day. Events will include many child-friendly activities. A four pack of tickets is only $40.

Our open board games library will be available all weekend so you can try before you buy from our vendors.

These are just a few of the events, guests, and personalities that we will have at the convention. We are also hoping to add more as September approaches.

Tickets start at $33 for a single day pass, with 3 day passes for $50. This year we also have a special family day pass available for Sunday, September 9, for $40 for a family of 4.

Hours of Operation are Friday 12:00 PM to 11:00 PM, Saturday 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM, and Sunday 8:00 AM to 5 :00 PM

Tickets are available online at

Visit our web page at

QCC 2018 – New Levels

We have some new levels for you for the Queen City Conquest. We felt you weren’t happy with what there was so we expanded our offerings.

The Epic Level

Attend the QCC 2018 with a 3-day Pass and guarantee your spot in the D&D Epic THE RED WAR! You’ll receive one 3-day Pass to the QCC, along with special backer-only perks and you’ll already have your spot reserved for the D&D Epic. All items to be picked up at QCC 2018 at Registration.

The 3 Day Pass & Paraphernalia Level

You receive everything from the 3 Day Pass level plus you get your QCC T-Shirt, Glass, and die.  Add-on on $3 for a XL or larger shirt and $5 for a 4X shirt.  All items to be picked up at QCC 2018 at Registration.

Break Room

You receive everything from the 3 Day Pass level plus you get access to the Break Room where you can go to take a break, get a bottle of water, grab some almonds, a granola bar, some candy or other snacks and just take a break. You can also store your stuff there too. All items to be picked up at QCC 2018 at Registration.

Table Package

You’ll receive one 3-day pass to QCC and a round table you can use to play games or hang out at during the length of the convention. Prices after the Kickstarter will go up, so get in at this Early Bird rate! All items to be picked up at QCC 2018 at Registration.

Dinner & Dicing with Eloy Lasanta

You get to have dinner and a game with Eloy Lasanta on Saturday evening. This includes a 3-day pass, T-shirt, 2 dice, glass, and any other backer-only perks. For dinner we pay for the first $260 of the bill, you and the other attendees of dinner pay for the rest. All items to be picked up at QCC 2018 at Registration.

Dinner & Dicing with Stacy Dellorfano

You get to have dinner and a game with Stacy Dellorfano on Friday evening. This includes a 3-day pass, T-shirt, 2 dice, glass, and any other backer-only perks. For dinner we pay for the first $260 of the bill, you and the other attendees of dinner pay for the rest. All items to be picked up at QCC 2018 at Registration.


You’ll get access to the registration system for events a week before the regular badge holders get access. The VIGs get first crack but after that it’s all game access for you.

QCC 2018 Guest Announcement – Andi Fox

Andi Fox is co-host of She’s a Super Geek (the actual play highlighting women as GMs), Isla on the Redemption Podcast, and currently DMing the Wednesday Evening Podcast All-Stars in Avanti: Glitter & Blood. Find her on twitter @TheCraftyDM. And don’t ask her about her conspiracy of porgs.

Andi will be running games of Dungeons and Dragons 5e set in her home-brewed world Avanti. Bring high magic imaginations and get ready for some masquerade drama. Pre-gens provided.





D&D at the QCC 2018

Hey Folks. Time to reveal some of the D&D offerings we have this year at the QCC.

First off we have The Red War epic lined up to happen on Saturday Afternoon. That’s right. Another epic and a dozy. Here’s the description:

DDEP 00-01 The Red War – D&D AL Epic: The Cults of Elemental Evil brought incredible destruction down on the city of Mulmaster. In its hour of need, Mulmaster received aid from an unlikely source – the Mageocracy of Thay, ruled by the lich Szazz Tam. With Mulmaster moving ever closer to Thay’s orbit and strife brewing within the Factions for action, the hour is ripe for conflict. A four-hour Epic adventure for characters level 1-20.

You can secure your spot for the epic through the kickstarter via the Epic Level. The Red War

On top of that we will have season 8 premier content. We’re not sure what that content will be because we’re not sure what season 8 is, but we know we’ll be running tables of it at the QCC 2018.

Last, and by no means least, we have AL Admin Lysa Chen joining us this year if you didn’t hear. She’ll be running some games and will be on a panel. Probably something having to do with building your community around D&D

If you love D&D and want to play AL content all weekend, or just for a few slots, the Queen City Conquest is the place to do it. The passes won’t be cheaper than they are right now so get them through the kickstarter.


QCC2018 Special Guest: Eloy Lasanta

Eloy Lasanta is the head of 3rd Eye Games which publishes Part-Time Gods, Ninja Crusade, The Pip System, Apocalypse Prevention Inc, Sins of the Father, the AMP superhero series of games, and Storm Battalion. His games range from Kid friendly to story games to much more traditional games.





QCC2018 Meet & Greet Level

QCC 2018 Guest Announcement – Jason Cordova

Lake Effect Gaming & Events is happy to have Jason Cordova as a guest at the 2018 Queen City Conquest.

Jason Cordova is the principal organizer of the Gauntlet gaming community. He is a co-host of The Gauntlet Podcast, Discern Realities, and Fear of a Black Dragon, and a frequent GM on the Pocket-Sized Play and We Hunt the Keepers! actual play podcasts. He is the also the Editor in Chief of Codex.

He will be running World of Dungeons and Cthulhu Dark during Queen City Conquest.


QCC 2018 Guest Announcement – Tom Flanagan

Lake Effect Gaming & Events is happy to have Tom Flanagan as a guest at the 2018 Queen City Conquest.

Tom Flanagan is Producer, Game Master and Player on the long running (8 years with 360 plus episodes) Knights of the Night Actual Play Podcast. He is also a memmber of the Wednesday Evening Podcast All-Stars. Tom occasionally answers to the name of “Grandmother.”

Tom will be running a Tales from the Loop game, and possibly a Cleveland based Dresden Files Accelerated session. Events from which will likely lead to some of the players characters showing up later in his KotN Dresden storyline as NPC.

If you’d like to play a game with Tom at the Queen City Conquest head over to the kickstarter and get your badge early, they’re cheaper now than at any point in the future.

The 2018 Queen City Conquest Kickstarter

The Kickstarter is live for the 2018 Queen City Conquest. Here are the things you need to know:

  • Badges are at their lowest prices right now at $45 for a three day badge. They’ll be $55 at the door.
  • We have a wonderful line up of guests and more are on the way. In fact let’s tell you about one we’ve just lined up.
    • Camdon Wright is a game writer and designer that loves to play pretend, tell stories, and share a gaming table with new people. He is the owner of the Colorado based gaming company Unicorn Motorcycle Games. His games include the Cthulhu meets the Bachelor themed game, Madness and Desire. Currently he is working on One Child’s Heart a game about child welfare professionals that work to bring hope back into a child’s life. You can find his work at
  • There will be a number of amazing games and events including Play to Win, Long Cons, some special D&D events.
  • Without this initial funding we can’t proceed with the convention.
  • The kickstarter stretch goals allow us to do more things for you including:
    • Late Night Gaming on Saturday evening
    • Life sized Arkham Horror run by local fan favorite Jane Calvert
    • More swag for you including free dice and Buffalo Meeples

We can’t wait to see you in September for the Queen City Conquest. Thank you for backing us and for spreading the word about the QCC 2018.

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