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Event Submission is Open

Hello friends and facilitators. The QCC is all about gaming and now we need your games. EVENT SUBMISSION IS OPEN!!!

You can submit your events by following this link:

Submit Your Events

Facilitator Guidelines

GMs have the option to run events as a bystander or play in their own event. If the event sells out and the GM has not purchased a ticket to reserve their seat they are expected to participate as a GM only.

As a GM you agree to tidy your event space before you leave and to vacate it in advance of the next event so they may set up.

We use safety tools at all our tables. If you don’t want to use at least the X-Card and Lines and Veils at the convention then please don’t submit games. You can read about safety tools here.

We had more events than we could fill last year so not all events may be accepted. To increase the chance of your event being accepted we encourage you to list more than one time you can run your event.

Facilitators of 8 or more hours of events will be given a facilitators reward.

Thank you for running events at the Queen City Conquest.


Special Guest Daniel Kwan

“Daniel Kwan is a Toronto-based podcaster, game designer, developmental editor, and GM-for-hire. He co-hosts and produces the Asians Represent! podcast on the One Shot Network. He designs games through Dundas West Games and has published a family-friendly micro RPG called Zany Zoo and a fantasy adventure called Wolf of the South. He is currently working on a WWI PbtA hack called Ross Rifles! When he’s not designing games, Daniel is one of the co-founders of Level Up Gaming, an organization that helps adults with autism and other disabilities develop their social skills through group gaming experiences.”

Follow him and his podcasts on twitter




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