Month: November 2017

Queen City Conquest 1st Black Friday Sale.

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Lake Effect Gaming and Events

As of November 17th, 2017 Queen City Conquest has been acquired by Lake Effect Gaming and Events, LLC. Lake Effect Gaming and Events is owned by the senior directors of the 2017 Queen City Conquest: Cindy Moore, Stephanie Matteson, Sean Gilgore, Chris Sniezak, and Jerry Meyer.

Lake Effect Gaming and Events will continue to run and promote the Queen City Conquest as it’s Premier Gaming Convention but will now include multiple events throughout the year.

We are very excited about our future endeavors and look forward to providing creative and engaging events for everyone to enjoy.

We are in search of volunteers to fill the following roles at Queen City Conquest 2018:

Board Game Coordinator
Video Game Coordinator
Role Playing Game Coordinator
Charity Auction Facilitator
Public Library Liaison
Street Demo Team

If you would like more information or are interested in one of these positions contact us at:

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