Hello gamers. It took us a little longer than we were hoping to get our heads around Tabletop Events but things are up and running now. Let’s talk about what what is happening with the QCC.

Early Registration

Those folks who got this through the kickstarter have access and should register for events now. In a week or so we’ll open up event registration to everyone else. CLICK HERE.

If you should have access and don’t, please contact us at condirector@queencityconquest.com

Badge Sales

You can buy your badge if you missed out on the Kickstarter. If you’ve already gotten your badge from the kickstarter we encourage you to tell your friends, family, enemies, monarchs, servants, pets…wait, sorry. I was just told by my ruler that we can’t have pets at the convention center so while you can tell them and they could buy badges but they can’t attend. Still, tell your people if they pass for human and send them here. CLICK HERE.

You are also able to purchase con merchandise to be picked up at registration desk during the con.

Over 100 Events So Far

We have a lot of events already and that’s thanks to all of you. This convention doesn’t happen without your games. If you’d like to check out the event list you can click on this link. CLICK HERE.

We’re always looking for more events of all kinds. We could really use some more board game events if possible.

Well that’s the inside info on what’s going on at the QCC. You’ll be hearing more from us now that we have all the back end stuff set up. We can’t wait to see you in September and I hope you all play great games until then.