Hey folks. Just wanted to let you know what’s going on over at the QCC. The short of it is we have our Tabletop Events page up and running so you GMs/DMs can submit events. There are D&D Epic level so you can get a spot in the D&D Epic assured before event registration opens up, we have a couple more table levels for you folks who want your own tables, and the new add on package. Now for the details.

Tabletop Events

We’re using Tabletop Events. So to register for events you’ll need to do the following:

  1. Create a log in for the Table Top Events site which you can get to here or from the link on the menu above.
  2. Once you log in there’s no easy way to get back to the Table Top Events page so you’ll need to click the link from this site to go back to the Table Top Events page.
  3. Once you’re back on the site click the green Submit Events button since you should already be logged in.
  4. Now click the green New Submission button.
  5. Enter the relevant information in the fields, make sure the “I agree to the event submission rules” box is checked, and click the green Create button and you’re done.

You event will be submitted for approval by the games coordinator.

D&D Epic Level

If you missed it last time we have a D&D Epic level. That’s because we have the Season 7 D&D Epic coming to the Queen City Conquest. If you want to assure yourself a spot in the game buying in at this level is the way to do it.

All the Add On’s

Some folks have been asking about the $75 level for other levels. To make it simple we’ve created an Add-On for $30 which gets you your shirt, a QCC die, a pint glass, and early registration. That’s a $41 dollar value if you were to buy all of those things individually. So to get that add on just pledge $30 more than your level and when the Kickstarter is over tell us you want that add on during the kickstarter survey.

More Table Levels

We’ve opened up two more tables you can get at the $175 Knight of the Round Table Level. That’s this one:

You get your own table which we will mark up with your name/group’s name, and make sure it’s always ready for you. You also get a single Royal Court Membership & the Swag!

So with that my gaming friends I will bid you farewell for now but I promise to be back soon with more updates for what we have going on at the Queen City Conquest. A last reminder. If you’re going to be running events at the QCC please get them in early so we can promote them for you. We want your games and we want to help you fill them up.