Hey folks. Just wanted to drop a quick update for what’s going on with the QCC and some of the gaming events going on around town these days.

QCC Update

We’re over 6,500 dollars which is great but we still need to get to that 9k marker so we can throw out the “OVER 9000” jokes.  We also just added a new level for those folks who want to get their seat guaranteed for the D&D epic. We’re not sure what the season 7 epic is yet but we wanted to give at least 25 of you folks who back at either at the Epic Knight Level and that crew who backed at the Lords of Waterdeep level, thanks by the way, your seat at the Epic tables because we appreciate you getting us the funding to make the show happen.

More Board Game Tournaments

It looks like we have some folks in the community who’ve been in contact with AEG and will be bringing a Love Letter tournament to the QCC. Those folks are still talking to other game companies to get support for Ascension and a few other games. As I learn more about these tournaments I’ll let you folks know about them.

Games Around Town

The members of the QCC staff like to keep track of what’s going on around town and we thought we’d share some of that information with you. Here’s a run down of what we could find out for gaming opportunities. If you know of some other events in the area please leave them in the comments below.

  • RonCon:  This is a once a month board game night. This month the date is Thursday May 18th and the event is held at 168 Payne Avenue, North Tonawanda, NY. It’s in the basement of a Church and it’s a really great space with some excellent people for playing board games.
  • D&D Organized Play nights: Wednesdays D&D Organized Play is happening at 6:30 at Collectors Inn, Heart of the Game, Knights Blade, and Two Kings.
  • Day of Fate: You can come out and play some Fate with Glenn Seiler at Dragon Snack games on May 21st.

That’s all for now but you’ll be hearing from us soon. Thanks for checking out the QCC and play some great games.