Month: April 2017

Street Team Invite

Queen City Conquest is in need of volunteers to be part of their street team. We are looking for people who love teaching games, playing games, and talking about games. It doesn’t matter if role playing is your thing, board games are your passion, or you just like talking to people, want to learn something new, and make some new friends.

What We Are Asking You To Do

  • The biggest thing is getting the word out about the Queen City Conquest throughout the year. Part of that is getting out there at events we support and teaching people how to play traditional and non-traditional board, card, and role playing games.
  • We would need your help at times to distribute marketing materials at colleges, game and comic book shops, as well as food truck rallies and other festivals to bring awareness to the Queen City Conquest.
  • We’re especially looking for people who are positive members of the gaming community and will represent the Queen City Conquest in a positive and inclusive manner. We’re big believers in the Wil Wheaton Rule.
  • Get the word out to as many people as possible, including local businesses, about how they can support the con and/or get their badges and attend the Queen City Conquest.

If you are interested  please contact our Marketing Director Sean Gilgore at

The New QCC Website

Hello fellow gamers. As we approach the next Queen City Conquest we’ve decided to move our home here. In the coming month leading up to the Kickstarter and beyond that we’ll be using this as our central hub for announcements about the convention and to inform you of things going on with our sponsors and other organizations and individuals who are doing fun gaming things in the Western New York area.

This will also be our portal to our new store to buy badges and other goods for the convention once we get it up and running. To that I suppose I should let you know we’re planning on using Table Top Events which is used by a number of conventions all across the country and is thought very highly.

There will be more soon. I promise but until then we hope you play some excellent games and join us in September and at as many other things as we help put together along the way.

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